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Updates to the Event for 2022

This year has brought many changes to our annual event. Some have been by choice and some are due to the current environment. Join us at our new place!


So what’s new? Everything and nothing!

New place and new date but excellent music and all of the usual activities in our new home.


Know that we are doing the very best that we can to put together a great event. Be kind to our volunteers as they are not responsible for the decisions made or conditions beyond our control.


  • New location! We have moved to Garfield Park on the near south side of Indy. It is a beautiful city park that will let us present an excellent event for our followers. We hope to grow back to our pre-COVID number of days and stages.

  • Reduced footprint. Due to the unknown and constantly shifting factors that play into presenting an event of this magnitude, we had to shear (Baa!) back space and offerings to ensure expenses would not exceed revenue.

  • No food and beverage tickets. We will take cash or credit card throughout the event so no waiting in line for tickets to buy those.

  • No Sunday and therefore no Mass. We hope to return to a three-day event next year.

  • Children’s area on pause. Because children under 12 cannot be vaccinated at this point, we will not create a confined space that would encourage close contact. We will have programming of interest available with space to spread out.

  • Smoking rules have changed. The City of Indianapolis implemented a new policy for all city parks as of July 1, 2021. There will be no smoking or vaping allowed in the park or at the event.

  • Pet access on pause. Because of reduced space we cannot accommodate pets being brought to the event. PLEASE do not leave a pet in a car and risk overheating or worse. Leave the pups at home where they can stay safe.
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